History of Epping

The history of Epping Industria in Cape Town is continually being researched and will be posted as and when new facts emerge. We welcome new facts and images.

Epping 1 was first developed in the late 1940′s. Initially there was not too much industrial development.

Epping 1 became a popular place to race cars. This circuit was built in the latter part of 1950 and covered a distance of “3 miles and 440 yards”. The first race took place on 2 January 1951 and races were regularly held until the final meeting on 1 January 1958. The promoters were unable to obtain further permission to use this circuit due to increasing industrial development in the area at that particular time.

The nearby Athlone Power Station was completed in the early 1960′s.

With power came the opportunity for industrial businesses to flourish and in the mid to late 1960′s Epping Industria expanded dramatically.

Epping Industria currently houses a large majority of the major business operations in the Western Cape.

Epping Industria - a great industrial suburb